Benyoucef Mansour

Software Engineer


My name is Benyoucef Mansour but people usually call me Benyou, I was born in 1969 Oops I mean august 1998, hobby fullstack developer, I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I studied in Saad Dahlab Blida university, also I enjoy practicing sports such as Cycling and Running.

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Asynchronous - Knock Knock!
- An async function
- Who's there?
JavaScript is amazing.
I Promise you, await and see.


Co-founder• Quizzly Jul 2021-present

My goal is to provide educational tools to learners for free or at a reasonable price.
I'm building Quizzly from the ground. I did my research, then UML, then I wrote the API code, then wrote frontend and finally the app was deployed successfully.
Recently, I improved web page performance by up to 88%.

Senior JavaScript Engineer • AkamaiMar 2021 - July 2021

Helped lead a small team on the redesign of the existing code written on Typescript and React single page application.
Wrote, refactored and tested dozens of new components, including best practices for styling on a large code base.
Code reviews and pairing with other team members to learn and share knowledge.
Managing expectations with other teams in the business (design requirements, API changes).

Frontend Engineer • OOREDOOJune 2019 - Feb 2021

I and the team built the next version of the client web application to add new user designs and features using Reactjs and redux, reducing reported bugs by over 15%. Created a compatible, custom client dashboard, reducing support tickets by 45%.

FreelancingApr 2018 - May 2019

Freelancing was a good experience because you will never know your clients and when you get started to know them, well the job is fnished. Most of my code was Vuejs via Nuxt for frontend and Laravel for backend.


  • Strong JavaScript experience, both OO and functional patterns.
  • Strong experience with component and state libraries (React + Redux).
  • Leadership of small agile teams.
  • Comfortable with CLI and related software (Vim, tmux, zsh).
  • API development and design with Node.js (Nest.js).
  • Strong experience with Git to manage source control.
  • Organising project work streams on task boards (Trello, Github projects etc).
  • Usage of unit and functional testing to provide confidence in design.
  • Understanding of continuous integration and deployment.
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