Benyoucef Mansour

Software Engineer


My name is Benyoucef Mansour people call me Ben You, I was born in 1969 Oops I mean 1998, A nomad hobby fullstack developer, I lived in different cities such as Algiers, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sousse. And I'm planing to travel and live in more cities also I enjoy practicing sports such as Cycling and Running.

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Asynchronous - Knock Knock!
- An async function
- Who's there?
JavaScript is amazing.
I Promise you, await and see.


  • Strong JavaScript experience, both OO and functional patterns.
  • Strong experience with component and state libraries (React + Redux).
  • Leadership of small agile teams.
  • Comfortable with CLI and related software (Vim, tmux, zsh).
  • API development and design with Node.js (Nest.js).
  • Strong experience with Git to manage source control.
  • Organising project work streams on task boards (Trello, Github projects etc).
  • Usage of unit and functional testing to provide confidence in design.
  • Understanding of continuous integration and deployment.
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